Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Avett Brothers and the Art of Being a Super-Fan 1.5

Dang, up late again and it is as if I did not sleep last night.  I can't wait for this damn day to begin...groan.  It is going to be absolutely nuts back at the darkened cubicle today.

I forgot to mention a couple of other points that can add a little more perspective to the Super-Fan situation.  The Avett Brothers show was sponsored by the University of California Santa Barbara Arts and Lectures, which specializes in thought provoking concerts, speeches and film screenings.  In the past they have had countless jazz, classical and international performers (Wynton Marsallis, Yo-Yo Ma, Chieftains), and spotlighted authors that I love, such as Neil Gaiman and David Sedaris.  The funny thing about Arts and Lectures performances is that they rely upon contributions and support from lovers of the arts, which generally lends itself to the more elderly side of the spectrum.

Although the show was predominantly younger in nature, all that I could see sitting in the preferred center seating section were people at least twenty years my senior.  Yup, grandma and grandpa were in attendance, and must have loved the enthusiasm and excitement of today's youth.  Who wouldn't love the screams of "FUCKING AWESOME!  SUCK MY DICK!  YAHHHHHHH!  AW SHIT, NAILED IT!"?  If that guy was not enough to cause the more mature patrons of Arts and Lectures to pause before giving  future contributions I don't know what is.  Wow, I wonder what that guy is like when he goes home for the holidays.

The other thing that I neglected to mention was that for the entire performance the Super-Fan was fist pumping and performing borderline karate chop/punches about a foot and a half above my head.  I was listening to the show, listening to him and kept seeing these blurred whizzing things soaring by, which at first I thought was a bat or a bird.  Sure enough, between the screams and moronic outburst of profanity there was shadow boxing going on directly above me, which helped diminish the show even further.

Oh well, at least the idiot gave me something to write about.  I can't wait to see him again at the next show I go to.  Come to think of it, it is probably like the David Cross skit and movie "Run, Ronnie, Run".  No matter what show you go to see, or where that show is, that guy will be there...guaranteed.

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