Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Sleep and Bye Bye to Lost

Last night, I, like millions of other fans, watched the big Lost series finale extravaganza, and I have to say that I was very satisfied with the outcome.  I had planned my Sunday around the four and a half hour event that included a two hour retrospective with cast, crew and writer interviews that was immediately followed by two and a half hours of the actual show.  The lead-up was unnecessary, but reminded the viewer of many characters, motivations and plot points from the past six years, and actually succeeded in answering a few nagging little questions that I had.

My friends and I met up at Hollister Brewing Company for a late lunch/early dinner and to have some beers, and I allowed myself just enough time to run Tulip down a little at the park before everything got started.  A quick slip into pajamas, TV tuned to the proper channel and Lost was on for four and a half hours.

The series finale ran from 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM and I am operating on very little sleep, so I will keep this much shorter than usual.  Today is going to be long and painful.


Although I went to sleep last night, happy for all of the characters that I had come to know, love, hate, lose respect for, and love once again, there are many plot lines that were not resolved...unless I missed something, which is entirely possible.

Some nagging questions:
1) What was with all of the Egyptian statues, hieroglyphics and calling Richard "Ricardus" at one point a while ago?  Such a big deal was made concerning the foot of the statue, which I thought to be the statue of the hippo goddess, Taweret, yet nothing came of this.  Smoke Monster and Anubis printed on the walls in eternal conflict?  There was more than a season of this stuff, so....???

2) I thought that Jacob was not allowed to leave the island like MiB, yet he went out and "touched" all of the Losties.  I must have missed something.  Speaking of Jacob and MiB, how did a bunch of barbarians come up with the wagon wheel of time to move the island, and was MiB looking into the future to get his bright ideas?  Is this what made him "special?"  He could have looked into the future and made an iPad years ago...no wonder he was so pissed off, he could not get off the island to benefit from selling his iSmokeyPad and live the capitalist dream.

3) If Desmond was able to pull the cork of the underworld from the great mystical Jacuzzi, and NOT die, then why didn't Jack smack him awake and have him put the plug back in?  Would Jack's newly restored Jacob powers heal his knife wound afterwards?

4) I may have not seen them, but were Richard and his Spanish wife, Frank, Miles, Daniel or any of those guys at the church?  I did not see any of them.  The last we see of Richard, Miles and Frank are the three of them with Kate and Sawyer flying off into the sunset.  What the hell is Richard going to do when he gets back to "civilization?"  Possible spin-off show: Ricardus the Once Immortal...Shift Manager of French Fry Town.  Or, I guess he could become one hell of a history teacher.

Despite a few nagging gripes and unanswered questions, I was very happy with the series finale and it succeeded in delivering what I most wanted for these characters who I loved--resolution and peace.  At the church, time no longer mattered, so everyone essentially arrived at the same time, whether they had died way back near the beginning of the series, at the end of the show, or far off in the future as was the case with Hurley and Ben.  The reunions were sweet, touching.  I was happy to see Sawyer back with Juliet, which I have wanted to see since the moment she died; I loved them as a couple.  Locke was completely himself and confident.  Jack walking in to the room to be reunited with...well, everyone...was very touching, and it was so refreshing to see these people who had shared some of the most pivotal moments of their lives together and joyful.  I wish Ben would have gone into the church, but the brief dialog between he and Hurley about Ben being a great number two and Hurley a great number one made me wish for a five night mini-series or at the least a TV movie, or....feature film; I would be there opening night.

The final moments with Jack in the island world, as he staggered bloody and dying through the bamboo forest to lie down in the same spot that he had first awoken, touched me deeply and I was near tears.  Then Vincent joined him and his eyes closed, and the character that I had actually disliked for about half of the series, redeemed himself completely and again I wanted to cry, but I knew that he would soon find the happiness and peace once he was reunited with his friends and loved ones.

A great show, that nearly lost me as a viewer at a view points, but definitely up there as one of my all-time favorite television programs.  Up there with Mad Men, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Freaks and Geeks.   I cannot wait to rewatch this season on Blu-Ray.


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