Wednesday, July 21, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Begins Tonight...Jim Starlin and Warlock

Sigh...damn...expletive...worse expletive...atrocious expletive that would get me fined by the FCC.  San Diego Comic Con starts later this afternoon and as I have mentioned a couple of times earlier, I am not going.  I will be at work.  I will be home making gruel.  I will be disappointing the dog with my lackluster ball throwing and lack of general enthusiasm.  I will be annoying Amy with long sighs and even more responses of "I don't know" than usual.

Tulip says, "That was some worthless ball throwing, you mopey son of a bitch."

Again, this is highly irrational behavior, and in looking at the programming scheduled for the event and the people appearing, there is not much that I am dying to see.  Most of the guests and lectures that I am interested in center around the industry, creating and law implications, with a few speakers like J.M. Straczinski who I would like to hear again, but these panels would most likely not fill to capacity or require hours of waiting to get into a hall...unless there was a Twilight panel of some sort afterwards to discuss the state of Jacob's abs in the next film.   One other thing is that the Suicide Girls will be there and I feel that my not going might disappoint them somehow--they really liked me the first time I went to the comic, seriously, they really did goddammit, I could tell.  I just could.

" promised you would come back...under the proper medication of course."
Part of me wishes that Hollywood and the gaming industry would butt out of the whole affair and leave the convention to what it is supposed to be about--what it was actually named after...comics.  Don't get me wrong, some of the movie stuff is insane and interesting and cool and I loved to listen to Joss Whedon speak tremendously, but the con is filled with movies and television events and booths that have nothing to do with comic books, writing or drawing.  Maybe there should be a way to separate the movies and trailers and screenings and such for the evening when the comics related programming has ended and the devout fans of Twilight and J.J. Abrams (the former not to my liking and the later definitely to my liking, respectively) can stay up past their bedtimes and into the wee hours of the night so that I can listen to comic creators, artists and novelists like Max Brooks, Ed Brubaker, J.M. Straczinski, Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon and the creator of one of my all time favorite characters, Warlock, Jim Starlin.

Jim Starlin's 6 issue reprint series blew me away.  Great space opera intrigue.  I still love this.

The 2008 San Diego Comic Con was absolutely mind blowing to me, not just because of the J.M. Straczinski panel that inspired me to pursue writing, crank out a novel (first of many), begin screenwriting and look at comic scripting, but because I was able to listen to one of my heroes, Jim Starlin, speak.  Mr. Starlin did not say anything earth shattering, or have an all-you-can-eat bagel bar with lox and cream cheese or anything, he simply talked about his life as a creator, the industry, advancements in the fair treatment and pay of comic book talent that he spearheaded, and about some of his creations.  He discussed Warlock, Thanos, Captain Marvel and many other characters that I have adored for years, with Warlock being central among them all.

The panel had a fair amount of people in attendance, but it was by no means filled to capacity and it was a smaller room than Hall H of the convention center, which I do not believe I have ever set foot is where the big screening stuff goes down: Lost, movie previews, etc.  I could have just as easily skipped Jim Starlin's talk to wait for two hours to attend the Paramount movie trailer extravaganza in a massive hall and still possibly not get in, but why would I come all the way to San Diego to see a bunch of trailers for some gore-porn, comedy, action-adventure, or, if I was lucky, a science fiction/super hero movie that might be terrible.  Hell, I was able to see a writer/artist who drastically affected me back when I was a child and who continues to inspire and impress years later.  Seriously, there is no contest to what is more important to me and I hope to go to the Comic Convention next Washington or San Francisco where the focus is on what I love the most: Comics.

Regardless, I still feel sad about not going, though.

*note...tomorrow I will do a mini review of Warlock by Jim Starlin.  If you like science fiction, tragic heroes, terrifying villains, and great stories, then this is the book to get.

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