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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 2/18/2011

Man, it has been about a week and a half of illness, and my head still feels like it weighs double what it should.  I'm finally able to do complex mathematical equations like five times five equals...ummm....wait, I got this...NO, hold on...I can do it.  Twenty...oh, great!  Thanks my best friends' Boston Terrier, Obie.  I would have said twenty five if you had let me.  You jerk.  At least I have opposable thumbs and can pick up a chew toy with something other than my mouth.  What?!  Okay, you're right.  That was too far.  I'm sorry, Obie, you just...look, you just hurt my feelings by not letting me answer the question on my own.  I mean a dog should not beat me at simple times tables.  Look, let me say I'm sorry by telling you about...

Slice of Heaven

Secret Six: Cats in the Cradle - Written by Gail Simone (and a story by John Ostrander) and illustrated by J. Calafiore, published by DC Comics.  At a time when I am considering discontinuing all of the Big Two superhero books--with the exception of Heroes for Hire--in marches Gail Simone's always excellent Secret Six.  This latest volume takes the character of Thomas Blake and escalates his violent tendencies to the point of cruelty and torture, but that is not the harshest part of this TPB.  That moment is reserved for the beginning of the second issue where Catman makes an incredibly fucked up decision for a terrible situation.  I'm not going to give this one away, just know that it is dire and you will be sucked in.  Also included is an okay story by John Ostrander and an odd little "Elseworldsesque" tale placing the Secret Six in the old west, which was an odd choice, but Simone pulls the story off and I enjoyed it; needless to say it too was fucked up.  Every single TPB in this fun and disturbing series--even the ones that get wrapped up in events--are well worth the price of admission and I am considering going to floppies.  Recommended.  

Secret Six: Cats in the Cradle
Secret Six: Cats in the Cradle

The Goon Volume 10: Death's Greedy Comeuppance - Written and illustrated by Eric Powell, published by Dark Horse comics.  Oh man, here we go again.  This volume boasts hobo gods, rape gorillas (you have to read it), a silent issue told with rebus rhymes, the entire Buzzard mini series and an appearance by Eric Powell, a morality spewing Mr. T robot and director/writer Frank Darabont.  No.  I am not kidding, but if you have read the ever clever The Goon, than you are no stranger to the odd, wonderfully imaginative stories of Eric Powell and his gorgeous art.  Would I recommend this book as a good jumping on point?  Sure, but why would you do that.  Go back and and start at volume 1 if you can find's being reissued later this year.  Highly recommended, now go and buy it ya handsome lugs.

Goon Volume 10: Death's Greedy Comeuppance (Goon (Graphic Novels))
The Goon Volume 10: Death's Greedy Comeuppance

The Ghost Rider by Jason Aaron Omnibus - Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Roland Boschi, Tan Eng Huat and Tony Moore, published by Marvel Comics.  I bought this book for many reasons: my deep admiration for Jason Aaron, nostalgia over my obsession with this character in the 70's when I was a kid, a Borders credit that was burning a hole in my pocket (and a worry that Borders would not be there tomorrow) and some positive reviews that I had read along the way.  Overall a lot of fun and a good decision to buy.  
Basically, someone is killing the Ghost Riders around the world and a rogue angel has set his sights on the kingdom of heaven and Johnny Blaze will do whatever it takes to stop him.  A long overarching story with a few great one-offs thrown in for good measure, this was an enjoyable read.  Tailor made for those who are suckers for The Ghost Rider like me.

Ghost Rider by Jason Aaron Omnibus
Ghost Rider by Jason Aaron Omnibus

How to Train Your Dragon Blu-Ray - I cannot give this movie enough praise.  Visually stunning, engaging characters, beautiful character designs and a believable story containing understandable conflicts with real repercussions. This movie had it all.  The dragon "Toothless" is adorable while still maintaining a degree of menace and his movement simultaneously pulls from that of cats and dogs yet he remains a separate and distinct creature in its own right.  The humorous bits were not too over the top and where I was usually yawning through past Dreamworks films that was never the case here.  I am already anticipating returning to this amazing world of dragons and vikings.  A must own blu-ray and I very highly recommend this movie.  Great family fare, but some parts could be scary for some youngsters who can't handle such things but then again, they should probably stick with Dora the Explorer, and The Pokemans or play in the mud.  

How to Train Your Dragon (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Dragon Double Pack) [Blu-ray]
How to Train Your Dragon

Slice Into the Woods

This Wicked Illness - Land's sake alive.  When the fuck will I be better?  


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