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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 2/4/2011

Here at Donist World, our loyal staff of writers, finance department, marketing division, sales, and shipping-receiving, as well as a sizable intern pool--oh, the yummy, yummy interns--we strive to bring you (my mom and my friends' dog) the best in the odd twisted thoughts of Donist proportions on comic books, writing, the future, the present and the dark, dank, murky waters of the past for your reading entertainment. As such, Donist World will begin marketing our own unique Donist brand of product to help our two faithful readers through the rough times that are our current economic conundrum.  We will be selling these can't-live-without products starting...soon.  Preorders for the Donist World Topsy Tail, Donist World Commemorative Gold-Plated Dollar, and Donist World Freeze-Dried Chicken Snack Product will soon become available for the blog reader with a more discerning taste.  Wait for it!  Love it!  Worship it!  Donist World, the new fresh maker.

In the meantime, let's check out a mournfully brief...

Friday Slice of Heaven

Echoes #2 - Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and illustrated by Rahsan Ekedal, published by Minotaur, a Top Cow imprint.  Echoes is the tale of Brian Cohn, a schizophrenic, struggling to cope with his disease and whose life takes a turn for the worst when his alzheimer's suffering father instructs Brian to find a box hidden in his home.  His father then dies leaving Brian questioning the importance of his father's dying wish and curious to answer the questions coming to mind.  
In issue one, Brian found the box, the contents of which contained things he rather would not have discovered.  The remains of missing children constructed into tiny little doll mementos lay within the box of a serial killer and Brian is left questioning his own unreliable mind and his memory of the man his father was.  Issue two sees a young girl go missing and the lead character's desperate attempt to keep his wits about him and questioning his own actions.  Painfully well paced, hauntingly illustrated and a mood that is perfect for those nights that you cannot sleep and wish not to sleep.  I cannot wait for the next issue. 

Echoes #2

The Sixth Gun Volume 1 TP - written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Brian Hurtt, published by Oni Press.  Okay, not a full endorsement yet, as I have only read the first two issues of the six within this very recent release, but thus far I will be buying issues #7 and 8 at the comic store this weekend.  Instant TPB to floppies for this book and I have only read a quarter of the issues released thus far.  Practically every "Top Ten" listing for 2010 (check out mine here) listed The Sixth Gun as one of the best and most exciting books on the stand for the past year.  Now I have an inkling why.   
Briefly, as I will be talking about this one next Friday, The Sixth Gun is about six guns of immense diabolical power with the sixth being the most powerful.  Now linked to a young girl fighting for her life from four gun holders and the recently resurrected owner of the sixth gun who wants his weapon back.  Who owns the fifth gun has not yet been revealed, but I am sure it is coming.
Drake Sinclair, a most unscrupulous cowboy with intentions of his own, seeks to aid the girl.  A mixture of a great western and the Lord of the RingsThe Sixth Gun looks to truly be one of the best books of 2010.  Damn.  I am tempted to call in sick to work so that I can finish reading this awesome book.  A proper recommendation next week.
The Sixth Gun Volume 1 TP
The Sixth Gun

Finishing Things and Stuff - It's time for me to do some bragging here, folks.  For the past month and a half, I have been pretty damn busy working on all sorts of things, but here is the list of what I have been up to: 

1)  I completed the fourth draft of my first novel.
2)  I wrote two short comic scripts.  One was well-liked overall and the other was highly praised (probably next to be illustrated).  
3)  I lettered the art for my first comic script and submitted it to be included in a soon to be self-published anthology.  The artist is the wonderful J.C. Grande, who was a pleasure to work with.
4)  I found an immensely talented artist to illustrate, ink and color my second comic script.  Upon his completion of the work, I lettered the completed art and submitted in time for the contest for the Eagle Awards Initiative.  We did have some technical difficulties uploading the pages to the site, which nearly gave me a coronary, but with the aid of the fine people at the Eagle Awards Initiative, we were entered before the deadline.  Talk about record turnaround time and win/lose a great experience overall.  Fingers crossed.  Check out Juan Romera's page and have a look at some beautiful artwork.  
5)  I Started a new kid's book that I am anxious to get back to writing now that the lettering projects have been completed.
6)  I continued posting to Donist World...oh yeah!
7)  I continued critiquing scripts for my friends at the Comics Creators Workshop.
8)  I began planning on some other steps and collaborations that I will mention when the time is right.  :)

So, for all of those wondering what the hell I have been up to, and what rock I had dropped off of, well, there you go.  

Slice Into the Woods

Any "Restaurant" That Refers to a Food Item As a Product - Maybe it's just me, but the idea of going somewhere and ordering the company's newest chicken product, does not sound right in the slightest.  This just reeks of corporate douchebaggery and growth hormones, cloned beef or what have you.  Also why I have not touched a lick of fast food in the past eight to ten years...possibly longer.  Ewwwww...gross.

Our Latest Tax Owed Estimate -   Please tell me something has gone dreadfully wrong.  $3200+ dollars owed for taxes?  I increased withholding last year on state to avoid another $700 hit; we received a Federal refund last year.  Now we see a $2400 federal and $800 State taxes owed?  Wages have gone up slightly, but nothing warranting that large an increase and appropriate taxes were withheld on the additional income.  Our deductions decreased a bit but not that much.  Aren't we in a recession?  I'm not feeling very stimulated to buy anything all of a sudden.  There has to be a mistake somewhere.  Again, fingers crossed.


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