Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tulip's Toy, Ellie

Here is a picture of the spit soaked dog toy that Tulip loves to press against the skin of my legs whenever I attempt to write anything. On one hand it is cute that she loves the toy and desperately wants me to play with her at every possible moment, but on the other hand the thing is foul beyond reckoning.
Ellie came into our lives after Tulip had completed the Perfect Puppy Academy and was attending graduation. The instructor had dumped a large plastic container filled with puppy toys, and after receiving her diploma, Tulip was allowed to chose a toy, and with a gentle hesitancy she gravitated towards Ellie.
Notice the severely matted fur and especially the dirt encrusted stomach.
Again, cute that she adores the thing, but at some point Ellie has got to go.


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