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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 6/17/2011

(sung to the tune of Adam Ant's "Stand and Deliver")

I'm the dandy comic buyer, who likes to write and tell you.
I spend my cash but not on Flash because I prefer to read Chew.
The devil take your digital files and your Spawn collection
Just have a look and don't disqualify the things that I'm suggestin'.

Stand and deliver
Grab a copy of The Stuff of Legend
Try and explain to Obie
It's Friday Slice of Heaven.

Alright, I'm not going to lie to you my two faithful readers, Mom and my friends' Boston Terrier Obie.  I didn't make it to the comic store this week, at least not yet.   I only have the final issue of Ruse waiting for me in my pull, which I'm dying to read, but I just haven't had a chance to make the drive. This doesn't mean that I don't have a little somethin'-somethin' to talk about this week.

Shake your paws, Obie and let's get this thang started.

***Possible Spoilers***

Friday Slice of Heaven

Comics Experience Book Club on 6/14 - I mention the wonderful Comics Experience and the amazing opportunities that it has opened up to me often. This past Tuesday was no exception. For the monthly book club (included in the subscription to the Comic Creators Workshop) we were joined by all three creators of one of the most innovative and unique comics currently in publication, The Stuff of Legend: The Dark. Co-writers Mike Raicht and Brian Smith and illustrator Charles P. Wilson III were on hand to discuss the history of this Donist World favorite, and to offer a candid discussion of their respective backgrounds and creative processes. The night was inspirational to say the least.
Although I hope that they make it back to the Comics Experience someday in the future, I would prefer to see them receive more and more of the attention they deserve for the wonderful world and characters that they have created. There are currently two trades--The Dark and The Jungle--available for The Stuff of Legend series with the third storyline--A Jester's Tale--beginning in July; I cannot wait.
If you are at all interested in creating comics and being involved in a positive learning environment with opportunities to speak with professional creators, then by all means take a class or join us in the never know what you might miss with each passing month. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
The Stuff of Legend, Book 1: The Dark
The Stuff of Legend Book 1:
The Dark
The Stuff of Legend Book 2: The Jungle (Stuff of Legend (Th3rd World Studios))
The Stuff of Legend Book 2:
The Jungle

Secret Six: The Reptile Brain
Secret Six:
The Reptile Brain
Secret Six: Reptile Brain - Written by Gail Simone and Paul Cornell and illustrated by J. Calafiore and Pete Woods, published by DC Comics.  Every time a new trade for Secret Six is released I think I want to go to issues, but I never get around to doing it.  Now that DC is set to do a reboot of the series and Gail Simone is no longer associated with the soon to end title, I will just finish off my trade collection of this fun, well-written story with characters that I love to love, no matter how bad they actually are.
The first four issues of the latest installment finds a fractured Six set in opposition to one another as one group, under the watch of Spysmasher, attempts to take over a fantasy-inspired savage land called Skartaris.  The remaining Six follow in an attempt to stop Bane and his team from conquering the inhabitants resulting in a brutal war.  The results are particularly bloody for a DC comic and King Shark (I never heard of this guy before) had me laughing out loud.
The final two issues in this trade deal partly with the crossover event--here we go again--of the black lanterns, yet manages to minimize the intrusion and maintain much of the series's integrity.  Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage are the villains among villains and although the story is good, it seemed like something was missing.  This doesn't mean this trade is bad, it only means that it is not quite as good as some of the past installments, although in its defense, there are panels of Bane riding a dinosaur, which rules.  Still, I have to give this a RECOMMENDED and a must-own for fans of Secret Six, but if you are new to this series, best start from the beginning.

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown - Written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Ibraim Roberson, published by DC Comics.  Okay, I bought this comic predominantly because I'm a fan of Jeff Lemire's other works and I am glad that I did.  Supposedly this three-issue mini is part of the whole FlashPoint thing, but it will continue in a slightly altered form with the whole DC reboot, which is exciting.  I knew nothing of DC's Frankenstein character which wasn't a problem, and instead discovered a crazy, entertaining book unlike anything I am used to reading from Lemire.
In 1941 US army lieutenant Shrieve is saved from German soldiers by Frankenstein's monster, who goes by the name Frankenstein.  A year later, Frankenstein and Shrieve are introduced to their new team composed of monstrous "super soldiers"in the forms of a man-made vampire, a werewolf and a woman sea creature.  This four-creature army wages a war of fear and terror on the Nazis leading up to a scene I will not spoil.  When the war ends and Frankenstein's crew expect to have their humanity restored, they are double-crossed and forgotten for sixty-five years, before awakening to find a very different world from the one that they left.
I know.  This sounds like a crazy story, and it is, but it was fun and I was flipping through to the end and wanting more.  Mission accomplished Frankenstein, I can't wait to see the next issues.  RECOMMENDED!

Slice Into the Woods

Tempting Fate - For all my boastful "suck it, resistance" and "suck it, pain" and writing through the rough times...well, all that it took was a touch of food poisoning to stop the 'ol Donist Train from rollin' for two whole days. I dared to dream, I tell you. I dared to tempt the very gods themselves. I mocked Obie and his critical canine eye. I fought the law and the law won. I got taken down hard. So this week it's "Suck it, Donist." Drats...foiled again. Here's to better, healthier times.

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