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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 6/10/2011

(Sung to the tune of "Islands in the Stream")

Comics in the stream
That is what I read
Digital or Print?
How can I go wrong
Write to please my mom, also my friends' dog Obie
We can read them together, ah-ah
From one comic to another, ah-ah

Hi there all you happy people.  "Islands in the Stream" is what was going through my mind when I first opened my eyes yesterday morning at 5:00 AM.  Why is that?  Was I dreaming about Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton?  I don't think I was, but you know how dreams go.  Or maybe it was a sign that Donist World needs to take on a sponsor like Kenny Rogers Roasters, but then again, according to Wikipedia, there's only one store left in the US, but in Asia the chain is flourishing.  "Sometimes you gotta fight when you're a man," sings Rogers on his song "Coward of the County" and sometimes you gotta sponsor Donist World with Kenny Rogers Roasters.
Anyhow, COMICS!

***Possible Spoilers***

Morning Glories #10
Morning Glories #10 - Written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Joe Eisma, published by Image Comics.  Jade is the focus of this month's issue as the story opens with some revealing (?) nightmares plaguing our depressed but loved Morning Glory.  The implications of Jade's dreams reveal possible multiple lives by offering looks into her past, and she later has a talk with her future self.  Casey has a talk with the time repressed Hunter that does not go the way he had hoped, and Casey and Jade attend class with what has to be the worst teacher ever with an informative lesson on nooses that leaves Jade dead and me wondering how that particular lesson fits in with modern teaching standards.  The uppity Ike also makes a brief appearance and Casey makes it all too clear that he is not to talk to any of them.
This issue leaves me wondering if Jade is able to actually talk with people from her past lives through dreams and if she can talk with future selves by having near-death (or actual death) experiences.  More questions are raised than answered, but that is fine...I'm in this for the long haul, not for quick pass through.  Morning Glories continues to be one of my favorite comics on the shelf.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga (Deluxe Edition)
LOSH: The Great
Darkness Saga HC
Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga (Deluxe Edition) - Written by Paul Levitz and illustrated by Pat Broderick and Keith Giffen, published by DC Comics.  In my closet, sealed away are some whupped Legion of Super-Heroes issues that contain the original Great Darkness Saga.  These issues were originally published in the early eighties and I probably found them at the grocery store in a spinner rack, so this is really back in the day.  The corners are bent, one has a slight rip on a page, but the books did not come that way.  Years of reading and rereading caused the damage to what was one of my favorite comics for many years.
Jump ahead nearly thirty years and I now own the exceptional hardcover--that I recently had Paul Levitz sign--of this childhood favorite series that still stands up to the test of time.  Sure there are thought balloons and the occasional lengthy recap exposition, but the main story and the voluminous cast of characters that Levitz manages to successfully juggle is what pulled me in as a kid and it is what keeps me interested decades later. 
I'm going to give away the villain on this one.  It's Darkseid.  Boom, how you like them apples?  Don't worry, if you failed to read the disclaimer, failed to notice the title of the book and failed to notice the super-sized creep on the front cover then you have problems of your own.  When first released in the '80s, "The Great Darkness Saga" managed to keep the main villain secret and hidden, oftentimes offering only brief glimpses that slowly grew in scope until the eventual reveal of the evil antagonist.  Darkseid's formidable servents gave a sense that the Legion was fighting a loosing battle but when the master steps forth the situation turns from dire to hopeless and I was left anxiously biting my nails in much the same way that I did when I read the issues as a kid.  
If you like The Legion of Super-Heroes, but have not yet read this storyline from almost thirty years ago, do yourself a favor and pick it up.  It still stands up to the test of time and is an example of great storytelling.  HIGHY RECOMMENDED!

The Upcoming DC Reboot - When I first heard about this, my initial thought was "marketing gimmick," and "what are they going to do, multiple covers, polybag and hidden trading cards?"  But then the actual 52 books that are to be released in the coming months, started pulling my attention and sparked interests when I had all but given up on almost all DC (not Vertigo) titles.  The following are the books that I am considering picking up:

  1. Wonder Woman - Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang
  2. Aquaman - Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis
  3. Batman - Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
  4. Batwoman - J.H. Williams III, Haden Blackman and Amy Reeder
  5. Swamp Thing - Scott Snyder Yannick Paquette
  6. Animal Man - Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman and Dan Green
  7. Demon Knights - Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves and Oclair Albert
  8. Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE - Jeff Lemire and Alberto Pointicelli
  9. I, Vampire - Josh Fialkov and Andrea Sorrentino
  10. Legion Lost - Fabian Nicieza and Pete Woods
  11. Legion of Superheroes - Paul Levitz and Francis Portela
  12. Stormwatch - Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda
  13. Grifter - Nathan Edmondson and Cafu.
There might be another one or two to add to this list, but I really would like to see a summary of all 52 titles, their month/week of release and the creators attached.  C'mon DC, send a summary out so this previously-on-the-outs fan can begin making some decisions and lock these titles down with his LCS.  Hopefully this is the shot in the arm the industry needs and even more titles...written by me, the Donist...are seen in the near future.  My only request is DO NOT stop publishing one of my top three favorite series, Vertigo's Sweet Tooth!

Slice Into the Woods

A Hellacious Work Week Unlike Any Others - Sorry, can't go into it.  I still kept up with my writing though, so suck it resistence.

Revistited by the Pain - I woke up at 1:00 AM this morning to the pain in the shoulder that plagued me a few weeks ago.  Just started to get back into exercise and that mysterious thing called sleep, and then this had to happen.  It was nothing like the pain from last month but still not pleasant.  I still kept up with my writing though and will work on the kids book during my lunch, so suck it pain.



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