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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 4/29/2011

Some old, some new in this week's Donist World FSoH/SitW entry.  I know I said that I was going to be picking up the fourth volume of Echo, but I ended up dropping so much cash-money at my LCS that I thought it best to allocate that purchase to a lighter week.  No little introductory stories this week; sorry Mom and thanks for refriending me on Facebook.  No jokey lead-ins of marginal-at-best cleverness; sorry Obie, I got you some kibble to make it up to you later.  Let's do this.


Friday Slice of Heaven

The Sixth Gun #11
The Sixth Gun #11 - Written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Brian Hurtt and published by Oni Press.  I've made it no secret that I am a huge fan of Bunn and Hurtt's wonderful The Sixth Gun series and for the first time since I have been collecting the comics, I actually got an issue the week it was released and not weeks later.  Win.
This installment wraps up the current storyline and sees the corpse of the evil butler possessed by the loa, Marinette of the Dry Arms, and wrecking all manner of havoc on the nearby town as she searches for five of the six guns.  New allies join the scene, most of whom meet an untimely death, Kirby gets an unwelcome surprise, the golem of Billjohn O'Henry makes a stand, and a train out of town holds a very unwelcome passenger.
I cannot give this book enough praise and waiting each month for the next issue is torturous, but worth the wait once you actually get it in your hands.  Look for this story arc to be collected in June.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Prodigal Sons #1
The Damned: Prodigal Sons #1 - 3 - Written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Brian Hurtt and published by Oni Press.  Let's keep the praise of Bunn and Hurtt going with their The Damned series.  Prodigal Sons is a three-issue mini continuing where the five-issue The Damned left off.
Eddie has far too many ties to the demon mobs in his city, but even something as useful as a curse can't keep a demonic mob boss from putting a hit on Eddie that threatens to put him in the ground...permanently.  You see, every time Eddie is killed he returns to life at the touch of the man/woman/demon who touches him, leaving them dead in his place.  
Enter Eddie's estranged brother, Morgan, who agrees to help Eddie in his quest to bring their mother back from the underworld, but to do that, Eddie has to die first.  Secrets are revealed and new questions arise in this serious supernatural, noir, crime story.  I spoke with Hurtt about this series at Wondercon and although he and Bunn intend to pick up this story again, it will be a while before they do.  The Damned: Prodigal Sons has not been collected in trade as it is only three-issues long, but finding them is well worth the effort; definitely read The Damned Volume 1: Three Days Dead before seeking out the rest of this awesome series that hopefully continues some day soon.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Xombi #2
Xombi #2 - Written by John Rozum, illustrated by Frazer Irving and published by DC Comics.  Xombi is mental, nuts, fun.  I'm still not entirely sure what the hell is going on, but that's okay, this book is awesome.
David Kim (Xombi) has nanites coursing through his body that keep in peak physical condition at all times to such an extent that he is effectively immortal, or as Alphaville would say, "Forever Young." Together with Catholic Girl, Nun of the Above and Nun the Lesser, Xombi attempted to prevent the release of James Church, and failed.  Xombi and a rustling husk (a monstrosity made from the ghosts of swarms of yellowjackets and wasps that died on a windowsill...I'm not kidding) follow the prisoner's abductors only to discover that the prisoner is the dreaded Maranatha.  Of course there are coins that make excellent surveillance equipment, Sargon the Sorcerer shows up in a panel, and some other mystery characters appear, but I have to say that I am 100% along for the ride on this amazingly bizarre series.  I'm still a little confused as to who is who, but I really want to track down the original run.  Do you hear me Comixology?!
Again worthy of mention is the stellar art and captivating and vibrant coloring of Fraser Irving, who I hope has prints somewhere out in the jungle of the interwebs.    VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Morning Glories #9
Morning Glories #9 - Written by Nick Spencer, illustrated by Joe Eisma, published by Image Comics.  Morning Glories continues to be one of my most highly anticipated monthly comics.  This issue focuses solely on Jun's and Hisao's backstories and their acceptance to the Morning Glories Academy.  The wicked Miss Daramount and Mr. Gribbs arrive at the twin boys' mother's house to take them away for schooling, but a previously unknown truth arises that complicates matters beyond what anyone would ever suspect (how's that for vague?).  Abraham also reappears, and has me wanting to reread this series from the beginning to see if this mysterious character has appeared in the book more often than the past couple of issues.
Still an enticing story that has me hooked and consistently wanting more, Morning Glories is a must read for those who want more than capes and underpants outside of clothing, and the same old, same old characters and comics.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Am I the only one who finds Mrs Daramount hot?

Echoes #5 of 5
Echoes #5 - Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, illustrated by Rahsan Ekedal, published by Minotaur, a Top Cow imprint.  Echoes might be a...challenge...for some people due to the dark subject matter and lack of any sort of light at the end of the tunnel, but that's okay.  Well-told and an ending that I was not at all expecting, I was initially unsure if I even liked the concluding issue of Echoes.  "Liked" is probably not the fairest word to use for this series, where more aptly "resonated" would suffice.  I went to sleep thinking about this book and woke up this morning still thinking about this book.
All I can summarize is that Brian Cohn's father, a schizophrenic Alzheimer's patient, dies in a hospital but confesses to Brian that he was a serial killer, leaving Brian to wonder if he too has the serial killer gene as he also suffers from schizophrenia.  When a child that Brian sees in a school yard goes missing, the disturbed man begins to wonder if he too is a killer of children, or is someone setting him up for a fall.  I really can't say more than that.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but be ready for this one.

Slice Into the Woods

Missing the CGS Super Show - This weekend in Pennsylvania many of my comic creator friends and colleagues from Comics Experience are attending and/or exhibiting their creations, and the more I think about it, the more I wish I was going.  *sigh* Stupid money, plus I don't really have anything to show quite yet, but that doesn't mean it won't be loads of fun.  Please tip an ounce to ol' Don "Donist" McMillan at the show and I want hear me?  Pictures!  Have fun all, and see you in the forums.

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