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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 10/15/2010

Huh, this one is going to be a bit shorter than usual.  It is almost as if this week were sucked into a void that spiraled out of control into a quagmire of nothingness floating along a....*slap*.  Shut it, Donist.  Get on with it.

Friday Slice Of Heaven

Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft - written by Joe Hill with art by Gabriel Rodriguez, published by IDW.  I decided to finally give this series a go after consistently hearing praise on ifanboy and various other comic related podcasts and I am thrilled that I did.  Very much a horror driven series, the story centers on the Locke children: Tyler, Kinsey and Bode.  After finding their father murdered and their mother raped at the hands of a deranged teenaged student, the children barely manage to survive the ordeal and the murderer is locked away.  The grieving family moves to Keyhouse a New England Mansion on an island called Lovecraft with their mother and their father's brother.  The family struggles to heal from the tragedy that they suffered, while the youngest, Bode, discovers a key that allows him to pass through a door in the house that turns him into a ghost.  He also discovers a voice at the bottom of a well with less than pleasant plans for the occupants of the house.  Things go from troubling to worse when the voice in the well contacts the murderer and mysteriously frees him from his prison cell far away and instructs the teen to find two keys located in the Lovecraft mansion that provide access to something dire.  
Supposedly, this 6-issue series is the prologue to Act 1, which will consist of two 6-issue storylines ("Head Games" then "Crown Of Shadows"), followed by Act 2 (also two 6-issue series, the current part is titled "Keys to the Kingdom") and Act 3 (again two 6-issue series).  Great read thus far and now I have to buy the next six issues!  The IDW iphone/iPad app has "Welcome to Lovecraft" available for $.99 each issue...just buy them.  Oh yeah...Joe Hill is Stephen King's son.  

Locke And Key TPB (Locke & Key (Idw) (Quality Paper))
Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft

The Goon Volume 5: Wicked Inlinations - Written and illustrated by Eric Powell, published by Dark Horse Comics.  I still absolutely love this book and I have heard that the next volume is where the crazy shizzle goes down, but Wicked Inclinations is a great lead in.  Keep an eye out for the homage to Alfred Hitchock's The Birds.  The Buzzard returns as does my favorite Spanish-speaking giant lizard monster, Lagardo.  The Priest becomes even more desperate when he discovers that the Buzzard knows his name...his real name, and knowing one's real name is power.  Also introduced in this book is the disgusting Corpse Mother and her equally revolting brood.  Still an immense amount of fun and perverse beauty, Eric Powell's The Goon is something everyone should read.  I got lucky and picked up Volumes 5,6 & 9 at for $4.95 each, but it looks like the sale is over.  Keep an eye on the site and hopefully they will pop up again at that amazing price.

The Goon Volume 5: Wicked Inclinations (The Goons) (v. 5)
The Goon Volume 5: Wicked Inclinations

Slice Into the Woods

Beck University: Learn Real American History - The world according to Beck.  This confuses the hell out of me.  I am torn between seeing this as the best of the funniest shit I have ever heard, and being completely filled with dread and a lack of hope for the human race.  Are you kidding me?  Wow.  Sign up for the Glenn Beck's Insider Extreme and you too can have access to such narrow-minded, thought-numbing classes as Faith 101 - Religinut Forever, Hope 101 - I hope I never have to pay taxes for poor people, Charity 101 - How to give $$$millions to the Chamber of Commerce for attack ads against the Dems to further corporate interest, Founding Principles - We don't want to pay for no poor folks and I should never pay taxes, Why Obama is a Socialist and He Sucks - We also think he wasn't born here 101, How to be a recovering drug addict and make craploads of money while being a Fox lackey 102.  Do people seriously pay for this shit?  To quote Bugs Bunny, "What a moroon!" 


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