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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 12/27/2013

(Sung to the tune of The Sound of Music's "These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things")

Trips to the Quiet and Feist dishing knowledge
Where were these great books when I went to college?
Archie with zombies, frog-head glove glory sings
These are a few of my favorite things

The Sixth Gun and Chew books do seem to be ending
That is quite cool, man, to heights heaven they're sending
Groovy old toys slay and dance minus strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Archers get beat downs, dead TV star plots thicken
Death fights his siblings, the Lazarus has risen
Ginny and Rachel dead girls of my dreams
These are a few of my favorite things

Diamond misships
Then my beer spills
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Ah...Donist World denizens, thank you for coming. No need to be shy, come on down to my mom's basement in to the Donist World corporate office "Room of Reflection"--yup, being a Fortune 320,000 company means we got one of those; we also got one of those nifty chocolate fountains in the kitchen, but we're not here to discuss that perk. So, please, do come in and take a seat on the chaise lounge, or pull up a Donist World beanbag, and don't think twice about helping yourself to some of our triple ginger brew (add a little rye to the mix if you are of more discerning tastes and of legal age...*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*). Or grab some spiced cider, or some of that eggnog crap Obie insists on drinking. Help yourself to a pumpkin scone if you like as well; Tulip made them this morning. Aren't they good? Cigars on the left, "bubble wonder" bubble-blowing pipes on the right. All we ask is that you make yourself comfortable and shake off the remnants of any kind of stress or negativity that tends to cling to the ever-expanding holiday season. Inhale. Exhale. There, don't you feel better already?
Great. Now that we're all comfortable in the "Room of Reflection," I would like to introduce Donist World CFO Obie (my friends' Boston terrier) and the lovely miss Tulip our marketing director/administrative assistant/party planner/contemplating-admirer-of-all-things-heavenly (my dog, Obie's sister). Without even thinking all too hard about the awesome comics released this past year, it was easy to come up with 13 exemplary titles. In fact, the difficult part was limiting the list to just 13. So, this is how we are going to run this thing: the pups and I are going to list our 13 favorite comic series of 2013. These are the books we bought as regular ol' floppy issues, and then we'll let you in on 26 of the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink things that blew us away this year as well. For the list of 26 things, they can be graphic novels, movies, television shows, video games, food, beer, and who knows what else, because if it's heavenly, it's goin' on Donist World FSoH/SitW.
Oh...hold on a sec...that's the pizza delivery guy. Obie, be a dear and pay the boy. I'll take a couple slices when you're ready. Don't worry denizens, I saw Obie skim from the petty cash box. I'm willing to turn a blind eye for the next few days; heck, it's the holidays. Anyhow, what a year this was. Can you believe the impact Image Comics made this year? Criminy! Those guys were not just on fire, they were darn right explosive with the kickace titles they released, both new and current. Don't get me wrong, Marvel and DC had some fun offerings to say the least, but it was with the "indies" where I chose to park the Donistmobile most every new-release Wednesday. I even...well lookee there...we aint even got to the list and we're already reflecting in the "Room of Reflection." See? I told you this place works. Without further ado, let's get to reflecting with...

Friday Slice of Heaven

***Probably NOT Spoilers Below***

If you have a moment, check out our past FSoH/SitW Year-End Roundups for 2012 and 2011 to see all things heavenly from the past. For the comic series listed below, I provide an image of the best way to experience the comic if you have not yet read it. Basically, I will try to show an omnibus, then a hardcover, then a trade, and finally, if no trade is yet available, the first issue of the series. We at Donist World, thank you for reading and hope you enjoy these comics as much as we do.

Donist World 13 Favorite Comic Series of 2013 (In no particular order)

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1) Saga - Written by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples, published by Image Comics. If you have been following Donist World for any sort of spell, then you should know I have a soft spot in my heart for this book. With some of the best characterization seen in comics, Saga takes the so called villains in the series and leaves you worried for their well being, all while making you angry at those very same characters for attempting to kill our heroes. The mix of sci-fi and fantasy that should not work, does work; in fact it works beautifully. I mentioned that the comics in this list are in no particular order, but for Saga...I lied. Yeah, no "ifs," "ands," or "buts" about it, this comic book is my number one. Saga is comic book perfection and man do I love this book somethin' fierce. I hope you do, too. Excuse me while a take a moment to reflect on if I would rather cruise around the universe in a dragon skull space vessel or in a living tree rocket along with m'man Barr.

2) Hawkeye - Written by Matt Fraction, illustrated by David Aja (and others), colored by Matt Hollingsworth, published by Marvel Comics. Yes, I still love me some superhero funny books, but I have a sneaking suspicion you aren't going to be seeing many of them on this list with one notable exception: Hawkeye. This book grabbed me immediately. With most of the creative team having worked on my treasured The Immortal Iron Fist run (holy spit, the entire TIIF run in one TPB!!!), buying this book was a no brainer, and it has turned out to be so much more than I could have ever hoped. What's not to love about a headstrong guy compelled to do what's right despite getting his ass handed to him on an all too frequent basis? Our hero completely blows it...often, especially when it comes to people of the female persuasion. Fraction's words have never been better, Aja's (as well as Francavilla, Lieber, and others) art is astounding, and Hollingsworth made a flat coloring scheme something to be admired. I gave this hardcover edition to my brother, but I almost kept it for myself, because it is oh so very sweet.

3) Sex Criminals - Written by Matt Fraction, illustrated by Chip Zdarsky, published by Image Comics. All righty, sorry kiddies, skip this one if you are of the younger persuasion as S-E-X factors heavily in this book--but then again, if you didn't figure that out from the title, then you have a few more concerning problems to deal with. This comic is beautiful. Plain and simple. Fraction's writing rings so true on this book that I found myself relating to the main characters more often than not. I re-experienced the awful, awkward moments of youth, and summarily found myself laughing over those same moments a few pages later. Zdarsky's art is stunning, with some of the most striking colors and glows and magical moments I have ever seen in a comic. With the must-read letters column I discovered that finding "porn in the woods" is not something isolated to my brother, cousins and I, but something experienced by youngsters the world over. Who woulda thought? Sex Criminals is honest, beautiful, fun, exciting, and so very touching. At three issues in, there is no trade out yet, but this Donist World darling is a book every adult with a sense of humor needs to read. So very good.

4) Afterlife With Archie - Written by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, illustrated by Francesco Francavilla, published by Archie Comics. I'm going to have to apologize to you for this one denizens. Not because of the physical book itself, or the freaking amazing content within, but for the fact that if you have not already picked up the first two issues of this book, then you will probably have a bit of search on your hands to get currently has issue one, though. First take Archie and his pals for whom I have a new and mighty appreciation, second add a writer with a grasp of the characters and a fearless resolve to REALLY shake things up at Archie Comics, third add Francavilla--one of my all-time favorite artists, fourth sprinkle zombies into the mix and you have something truly amazing. By all rights, this book should not work. It just shouldn't. But the caliber of the creators involved ensure that it does. True to the Archie-verse, touching, sad, scary, and--most importantly--relevant to the real world with its portrayal of the characters and their relationships to one another. Good luck finding these, but find them you must! This book has now gone from a mini to an on-going and I could not be happier.

5) East of West - Written by Jonathan Hickman, illustrated by Nick Dragotta, published by Image Comics. Death does not ride a pale horse, denizens, he rides a terrifying horse beast in the company of two deadly witches. This comic took a couple of issues to understand what the heck was going on, but each reveal of the post-apocalyptic, parallel world, and the at-odds Four Horsemen, the supposed "Chosen," the hunters, the creepy-as-hell talking eyeball, mysticism, the love story, and all the rest of it, made this book an outstanding read. This book also kicked off Image's new series march of conquest in 2013. We are currently eight issues in with more questions than answers, but Hickman excels at the long game, and keeps me eager to learn more about this doomed world of mysteries. Dragotta's art and character design (including the scary horse beast) command appreciation. As Death searches for his stolen son, and War, Conquest, and Famine plot against him while the Chosen bicker and feud, there is no way I won't be there to watch the fascinating events of this series unfold.

6) Lazarus - Written by Greg Rucka, illustrated by Michael Lark, published by Image Comics. This is the book that scares me the most. Not because there are evil specters or diabolical instruments of doom or the dead come to rise. No. Lazarus is the book--unlike any of the titles on this list-- where I can actually imagine these events coming to pass. Rucka and Lark lay it all out for us in brilliant, plausible detail: we have the complete breakdown of the government after much corporate interference, the privatization of security and the military, a modified feudal system setup by a few ruling families, science reaching further and further into realms previously thought unreachable (not in the good way). But...the creators also give us a fascinating look at the nigh-unkillable Lazarus, Forever--the protector of the ruling Carlyle family members and the enforcer of their wills--as she awakens to the world around her. This one was like a punch to the gut that left me begging for more. You can get the first trade (issues one to four) for $9.99 retail, but I am uncertain if it contains Rucka's running history of his world or his musings on scary science that you can find in the floppies. Given the two choices, I would go with the floppies on this outstanding title.

7) Chew - Written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory, published by Image Comics. Chew is probably what I would consider to be the second book to lead Image Comics in its march of awesomeness--the first being The Walking Dead, which is still very good btw. At 38 issues into its supposed 60 issue run, Layman and Guillory's highly entertaining comic has not missed a beat. Not once. The title character, Tony Chu, is an FDA operative who has the power to know the history of everything he eats; needless to say this leads to a bit of cannibalism on a regular basis. The book is oftentimes disgusting given Tony's powers, but more than that you can see on every panel just how much fun the creators are having with their book as the story moves from engaging, to humorous, to touching, to heart-wrenching, to bust-out-laughing funny all in the course of a single issue. Of the titles on this "Donist World Year-End Roundup," Chew has been around on FSoH/SitW the longest and I don't see it ever least not until the series <sniffle> eventually ends.

8) Pretty Deadly - Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, illustrated by Emma Rios, published by Image Comics. The standard cover for this first issue is a thing of beauty, not to mention something I would love to see hanging on my wall--title, credits, logo, and all. Inside, the comic is what I have described as poetry in both its words and its visuals. We are only three issues in and I'm still not completely certain of what is going on, which is totally fine. We will eventually get caught up as bunny and butterfly (a rabbit skeleton and a living butterfly) tell us the tale of Ginny (Death's daughter), Death, Fox, Sissy and the rest of the cast as we learn what has brought Ginny to the world of man. The art, like the writing, is dreamlike, but this is not to say this supernatural Western is lacking in action as seen in issue two when Ginny confronts Alice (another supernatural character). The creators introduced a couple very creepy elements in the Night Maid and the Day Maid, but their importance to the story has not yet been made clear. Like I said, only three issues have released to date, but given what I've seen thus far, I'm more than on board for this beautiful tale.

9)  The Sixth Gun - Written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Brian Hurtt, published by Oni Press. Speaking of supernatural Westerns...The Sixth Gun continues to be one one of the best comics on the stand. The creators have mentioned a definite end in sight, which I am somewhat dreading, but just knowing that the end is planned and that they know what it is, leaves me eager to see how it all wraps up. The Sixth Gun has it all: outstanding characters; six diabolical, mystically empowered guns that can literally change the world; a precognitive seven-foot-tall mummy; an evil mad man who refuses to die; monsters; a mighty shaman who also happens to be a disembodied shrunken head who is worn by a gorgeous Native American woman; and so much more. There's a reason this series keeps getting pilots bounced around the broadcast and cable networks to become a television show--which I am dying to see happen, provided they do the work justice--and it all falls on the incredible world and characters of Hurtt and Bunn's The Sixth Gun. Everyone should be reading this fantastic comic.

10) The Stuff of Legend - Written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, illustrated by C.P. Wilson III, published by Th3rd World Studios. It has been a while since we have seen anything from the creators in regard to the magically brilliant The Stuff of Legend, which saw the fourth volume wrap up midway through 2013. I would be remiss to not mention this dark yet charming comic that brings about my childhood dream of having my toys come to life; unfortunately, the event that calls the toys to action was also my childhood nightmare. Camaraderie, death, betrayal, love, fright...The Stuff of Legend has it all. The physical book is a marvel of production with a non-standard, yet gorgeous, storybook format and pages that have the appearance of yellowing and weathering to give it a "classic" look unlike anything on the stand. As seen on the cover, the cast of characters is huge, yet the creators juggle them all seamlessly, luring you in to love them all, even when those characters make decisions with tragic repercussions. It might be a while before we see volume five of this Donist World darling, but I am happy to wait for such a phenomenal book. Start with the omnibus, denizens, you won't be disappointed.

11) Rachel Rising - Everythinged by Terry Moore, published by Abstract Studio. Ugh...I read something distressing on Twitter the other day where Terry Moore, the writer of multiple Marvel titles and the creator of the masterful Strangers In Paradise, Echo, and now the the fantastically creepy, make-your-skin-crawl, compelling-as-all-get-out comic Rachel Rising is struggling with sales on this tremendous book. This. Should. Not. Be. If you've been following me for a while, then you might remember I was panicked this summer when diamond skipped an issue on me at my LCS. I received the two following issues, but I was still missing that one. I hounded my LCS for a copy, I went to a comic store in San Jose, I went to two comic stores in Ventura and ultimately ordered it from When it finally arrived, I hammered through the three issues and once finally caught up...I was biting my nails in anticipation of the next issue. With Rachel Rising you get dead girls walking and talking, witches, demons, murderous little girls with heart, and one of the strongest, most beautifully illustrated, slow-burn stories you will find on the shelves. You can quickly catch up with the three available trades and help keep Moore producing this phenomenal title.

12) Black Science - Written by Rick Remender, illustrated by Matteo Scalera, colored by Dean White, published by Image Comics. With a cover depicting a spaceman wearing a frog head with an electrified laser tongue as a glove while a sexy fish lady demonstrates the wonders of uplighting, was there any conceivable world where I would not be drawn to this title? No. I think not. If a picture can say a thousand words, then this cover says a million, but it is what I found inside that shouted the promise of what is to come. Equal parts Lost in Space and all the sense of fun adventure of Raiders of the Lost Arc, Black Science has more than delivered, and given that we are only two issues in thus far, that is an impressive feat. The written words on this series are great, but equally so are Scalera's amazing illustrations and the stunning life brought on by White's colors. As I said in the review of the first issue, the Black Science artwork is something you want in a felt poster, hanging on your wall and lit by a blacklight as you jam some sweet, sweet Blue Oyster Cult tunes. When you finish reading the first issue, I dare you to not flip back through.

13) Satellite Sam - Written by Matt Fraction, illustrated by Howard Chaykin, published by Image Comics. Geez Louise, another title from the Fraction/DeConnick household on the best of 2013 list?! Sure, and with good reason. Satellite Sam is a noir-style murder mystery sure to please fans of Mad Men who don't mind a little content...appropriately thrown in for good measure. The story takes place in '50s New York, where the star of the hit television show "Satellite Sam" is found dead in a secret apartment along with a whole host of dirty little secrets. When the star's alcoholic son manages to pull himself together enough to suspect foul play, his investigation leads him to some interesting discoveries. Satellite Sam has a huge cast of fascinating characters who Fraction seemingly juggles with ease, and his treatment of the dialogue and the manner of speaking from the time is without compare. Chaykin's art is perfect for a story set in this era and given that there are plenty of lovely ladies in lingerie, I could not see anyone else illustrating this title to this level of detail and beauty. That said, you will need to put on your thinking cap and make sure you're not sleepy as there's a lot of stuff going on, but a cup of black coffee and a cigarette (candy cigarettes only, denizens) will put you in the right mood.

But wait, there's more...There were a ton more comic book issues that I read and that were released in 2013 that are still worth mentioning: The Private Eye (Vaughan/Martin), Daredevil (Waid/Samnee), Batman (Snyder/Capullo), Thor God of Thunder (Aaron/Ribic/Garney), The Wake (Snyder/Murphy), Trillium (Lemire), Swamp Thing (Soule/Saiz), Rocket Girl (Montclare/Reeder), Jupiter's Legacy (Millar/Quietly). There were also tons of great mini-series and one shots like Burn the Orphanage (Freedman/Grace...wait, I'm missing issue #2!!! Dang it.), Rex: Zombie Killer (Anderson/Yu), Strange Nation (Allor/Romera), The Black Beetle (Francavilla), Aw Yeah Comics (Baltazar/Franco). I'm sure there are plenty of other comics I somehow forgot to mention or have not yet bought or read, so if there are any glaring omissions, please let me know. There's plenty of room at the Donist World corporate offices for more comics and...hold on a sec...actually, Amy the intern (my wife) has corrected me and said that "No, there is not plenty of room here." <psssttt...hey denizens, let me know anyways. I can totally sneak more comics in on the down low. Just let me know. We can do this>

Donist World 13 (Times Two) Heavenly Things (In Alphabetical Order)

  1. Adventure Time (Cartoon and Comic) - The Cartoon Network finally released the full second season on DVD this year, and I'm happy to say the show is as delightful and weird as ever. It also looks like season three comes out in the next month or so. It's Adventure Timmmmme!
  2. Arrow Season One (Television Show) - My first reaction to the thought of this show was "Oh wow, no way am I going to watch that." Then all the podcasters and the television reviewers I trust began flipping out about the series, and it showed up on Netflix. I watched the pilot and hammered through seven episodes before telling Amy the Intern she had to check it out. I started the show from the beginning, and we powered through the whole show in two weeks. I cannot wait to start season two.
  3. Beer (Beer) - Beer is good. Beer has been good, continues to be good and looks to be even better in the coming year. My staples are usually from Stone with the Sublimely Self-Righteous (black IPA) being my favorite, but their low-cal/highly sessionable/explosion of taste Levitation Ale (copper ale?) is my guilt-free(ish) offering. Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale (seasonal IPA) and Lagunitas IPA are two great standbys as well.
  4. Breaking Bad The Final Season (Television Show) - No spoilers here, folks. Just know that this show is one of my all-time-favorite television shows of all time (I intentionally put "all time" in there twice...that's how much I like it). It originally took me four or five episodes, but once hooked I was in for the long haul. The finale also stuck the landing that so many series endings fail to properly do. I will be rewatching this show in the future someday. 
  5. Catching Fire (Movie) - Amy the Intern and I rewatched The Hunger Games on Netflix right before going to catch the latest installment...we loved it infinitely better than the first film, which is still an entertaining ride. Action, drama, heart-wrenching moments, and an excellent cast of characters, including a compelling lead. I disagree with the Hollywood moneygrab of splitting  the final movie into two films, but I know I will be there for both none the less. 
  6. Game of Thrones (Television/Blu-Ray) - If you enjoy the feeling of being punched in the face by someone you love, then this is the show for you! Just kidding, but man is this show bleak as heck, yet it has an excellent cast, beautiful/harsh settings, a subdued magical presence that commands respect when it does appear, lots and lots of nudity, and characters you will either love with all your heart or hate with every fiber of your being. Stupid Joffrey McJerkFace....
  7. God Hates Astronauts (Graphic Novel) - Everythinged by Ryan Browne, this successfully funded Kickstarter saw the delivery of a gorgeous hardcover book, with bookmarks, posters, digital offerings...basically everything but the kitchen sink, which probably ships later in 2014. Hilarious laugh out loud moments, bizarre characters, and situations that make precious little sense that left me unable to put the book down. MUST OWN READING that is now available through Image. I guarantee you've never read anything like this before.
  8. Gravity (Movie) - This is the best movie of 2013. I do not remember the last time I was this on the edge of my seat. I left the theater dazzled by the gorgeous cinematography to the point that I felt the claustrophobia of the space stations right before being tossed out into the terrifying vastness of space. I will buy the blu-ray, but part of the majesty of this film is experiencing it on a massive screen with a kickace sound system. Science realism fiction at its best. MUST WATCH MOVIE.  
  9. Hollister Brewing Company (Brewery) - Ooo baby do you know what that's worth? Oooo heaven is a place on Earth...and it's called Hollister Brewing Company. At only a 5 minute drive away, our favorite local brewery has both great food and an ever-rotating ensemble of fantastic beers. My favorite staple will always be the might Pope IPA, but the seasonal Southern Chaos (a hoppy copper ale?) and the latest Pocket Full O' Green (IPA) are some mighty fine beers as well. 
  10. Homebrewing (Beer) - Amy the Intern created a monster when she gave me a 1-gallon homebrewing kit. I have since expanded to 5-gallon and 6.5-gallon glass carboys, and I have a closet full of ready to serve beers that have all turned out pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. Now, through the generosity of Amy the Intern's family, I received a Darkstar Burner to kick up the game yet another notch. Woo Hah Beer! A fun, meditative past time that rewards in the end.
  11. Super Hero Movies (Movie) - Man! Super Hero movies abounds! Iron Man 3 (so much fun that I took my mom to see it!), Man of Steel (Sorry, h8ters...I freaking loved this move...but will admit the action scenes could have been trimmed a bit), Thor 2 (slow to pull me in, but kept me hooked the rest of the movie. Liked it more than the first one even). The crazy thing is 2014 looks to be just as crazy. I expect to spend some quality time in the theaters next year. 
  12. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers (Video Game) - I used to play video games all the time in my younger days, but not so much anymore. Now, I prefer to spend my time writing, or reading, or lettering my comics, or generally being productive. But every once in the while I get a hunkerin'... Kingdom Rush for the iOS was a game I heard great things about and was instantly hooked by the D&D-like tower defense strategy game with the brillliant visuals, great sound, challenge and fun. Frontiers is the followup to that brilliant game and it only improves upon the perfection.
  13. Legend of Korra Season Two (Cartoon) - Man, season one of this Nickelodeon cartoon was a feast of storytelling and beautiful animation that had me eagerly awaiting each new installment leading  to the satisfying finale. Season two hits the ground running and presents an equally compelling story with characters I already adore. If I could ever write for a television show, it would be the Legend of Korra.
  14. Mad Men (Television) - Six seasons in and with the end in sight, we are eagerly anticipating the return of this brilliant period piece. The characters on this show are so well developed--flaws, mistakes and all--and the story so interesting that we end up buying each episode a la carte and then we pick up the blu-ray when released.  
  15. Marshal Law Hardcover (Graphic Novel) - Okay, I hit on this one often over these reviews here, here, here, here, and here, so I guess you can say this classic series had an impact on me as both a kid and as an adult. Violent, vulgar, insane, and with an illustration style that, for the time, was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Marshal Law is a book that pokes fun at the super hero genre, while also showing its deep love of what has come before. MUST OWN for the openminded. 
  16. Monster on the Hill (Graphic Novel) - Everythinged by Bob Harrell, published by Top Cow. I just read this amazing all-ages graphic novel about a monster who is not all that great at being a monster. Lovely cartooning, great humor, and by the time I put the book down I noticed just how broad a smile I had on my face. So very, very good. 
  17. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookies) - Amy the Intern found a recipe that mixes two of my favorite things: chocolate chips and pumpkin. Not only that, she discovered that replacing the butter with applesauce made these taste just as good as the butter version and with fewer calories. Dang, denizens, couple this with Stone's Levitation Ale, and I can almost see the pounds burning away!
  18. Punk Rock Jesus (Graphic Novel) - Everythinged by Sean Murphy, published by Vertigo Comics, a DC Comics imprint. Yeah, I recently reviewed this game-changing comic book here. MUST READ book that is Murphy's career defining work...until he creates his next one. Thought provoking, beautifully told, and stunningly illustrated.
  19. Revival (Graphic Novel) - Written by Tim Seeley, illustrated by Mike Norton, published by Image Comics. I have thus far read the first two trades, but this hardcover is definitely the way to go for this fantastic horror book that is so much more than a comic about a town where the dead come back to life. This MUST READ comic needs a proper review on Donist World in 2014...I best get on that.
  20. Rex Zombie Killer (Comic Book Mini-Series) - Written by Rob Anderson, illustrated by Dafu Yu, published by Big Dog Ink. As I mentioned in a recent review of the mini-series, you need to read the one-shot and then continue with the mini-series, of which we are on issue two of four. It's The Incredible Journey meets The Walking Dead, which is exactly the type of comic for both young and old Donist, and I'm willing to bet--and I ain't a bettin' man--that it is for you, too. 
  21. Russian River Brewery (Beer) - If there is a beer Valhalla, this is the place. If I could have one beer and only one beer for the rest of my life, it would be these guys' Pliny the Elder (double IPA), which is beer perfection. Row 2/Hill 56 (Pale Ale) and Shadow of a Doubt (porter) ain't nothin' to shake a stick at either. The food at the brewery is dang tasty, too. There's a reason why beer lovers make a pilgrimage to Santa Rosa, CA, and Pliny the Elder is that reason.
  22. This Is the End (Movie) - We saw this Seth Rogen movie with my best friend and his wife and we laughed and laughed and laughed from beginning to end. So much fun and one I want to rewatch in the very near future. 
  23. The Last of Us (Video Game) - On the Playstation 3. I have never played a game like this in my life. I have never seen such care put into not just the stunning graphics, the haunting musical score, or the phenomenal gameplay, but also into the perfection that is the story and the character development. Moments of this video game masterpiece are absolutely terrifying and others left me nearly in tears at both moments of tragedy--of which there are a few--or the moments where the characters become closer. The voice acting and the dialogue are top notch to such a degree that at times I felt like I actually knew Joel, Ellie and Tommy. The moment I finished this game, I started it up again for a second play through...which I almost never do. I doubt a video game will EVER surpass The Last of Us, but I have a suspicion that if one does, it will be the prequel/sequel. MUST PLAY!
  24. The Upturned Stone (Graphic Novel) - Everythinged by Scott Hampton, published by Heavy Metal / Kitchen Sink. The best book I read in 2013 was actually first published in 1993. You can read my glowing review of this masterpiece here. Heavy Metal's site is STILL selling this beautifully haunting book in their "Bargain Bin" for $5.00, which equates to $9.00 after shipping and handling. This is madness and something I I INSIST you pick up before it once again vanishes. This is a magical story that I cannot give enough praise. MUST READ!
  25. The World's End (Movie) - I almost get this one confused with This Is the End. They even came out at roughly the same time, but it is definitely its own beast. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's smart, scary, thrilling, and occasionally touching bar crawl was thoroughly entertaining and one that left Amy the Intern saying it was the best movie released that year.  
  26. The Venture Brothers Season 5 (Cartoon) - It was a long wait for the latest season of the Venture Bros., but this side-splitting Donist World darling did not fail to impress this year...with the possible exception of the season being way too short. Oh well, 100 episodes would still be too short in my book, but seeing as how I started rewatching from the very beginning for the fourth (?) time, I should be set until season 6!

The "Pending" Reading List
Parker "The Score"
Aw Yeah Comics
Marshal Law (the non-reprinted issues)
Maximum Minimum Wage
Alien Legion
From Hell
Woodwork - Wally Wood
The Micronauts (rereading!)
Pride and Joy
Chew (rereading!)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (rereading!)
Locke and Key Volume 6 - I cannot wait!!!
A Bunch of Kickstarter Comics

If there is anything you think I should be reading (or beer I should be drinking) then let me know either here or on twitter (@TheDonMcMillan) or email me at Thanks for reading Donist World and all the best for you all in 2014!


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