Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 7/6/2012

(sung to the tune of Hall and Oats's "Maneater")

Some comics are out of sight
Donist World treats you right
Wednesday brings the books to get at your store
Animal Man's rocking
Buddy's body's new, he gives the Rot a good what for
Wanna know what else to read? The Goon's so weird, it's whatcha need
The comic is wild, see Franky get tamed by a burlesque dancin' star
Sweet Tooth's more dire, The end's comin' quick, see Singh in a lab gone too far

Oh, here they come
Watch out boy best not miss 'em
Oh, here they come
They're a crowd pleaser

Thank you, thank you. Hall and Oats everybody. Thank you. Okay, simmer down. Thank you. Quiet down now. Dang it, Mom, I said QUIET. Okay, that's more like it. I'm here with my cohost, Donist World CFO, and my friends' Boston terrier...Obie! Give it up for Obie. Thank you...Mom, c'mon, we just talked about this. Anyhow, we have some good news tonight. Obie has recently be exonerated of the charges brought against him, so no way has he embezzled $47.38 from the Donist World coffers. No way has he been engaged in any sort of shareholder voter suppression or just flat out pocketed my health insurance premiums so that he could buy a larger bag of potato and duck kibble. Not guilty!
Anyways, before we get to the good and the heavenly, we do have some sad news this week. It seems that Obie and I STILL have not received our copy of The Sixth Gun #23. I know, right? Issue 24's going to get here before 23 does at this rat. It just ain't right. It makes me feel like the below video, only swap out "spy camera" for "Sixth Gun" and swap out "lady" for "LCS Man." Tragic.

Don't let our dreadful, horrendous plight give you pause though, Obie and I are doing just fine as we wait for our issue of one of our favorite comics to arrive. You see, we have some other great books to occupy us until it finally shows up. Y'all ready for this? It's...

Friday Slice of Heaven

***Possible Spoilers Below***

Animal Man #11
Animal Man #11 - Written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli, published by DC Comics. For closing on a year, fans of the Red and the Green have enjoyed the double one-two punch of Lemire's Animal Man and Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing, but not in July. This week, Animal Man stands alone, but is it enough to keep Donist and Obie happy when they're already down a comic book they were expecting? Yeah, sure, you betcha.
Buddy Baker is thanking his lucky stars as the Red has decided to give him another go at being Maxine's protector. They have even decided to let their meat tailors--a couple of long-headed, alien-looking, yellow-skinned siblings--build Buddy a new body. He's also offered a 4th of July special to upgrade his powers to more adequately deal with the threat of the Rot. Meanwhile, Cliff is in the company one of the Hunters Three, who has taken up residence in Buddy's old, and dead body. Socks horrors-up to take on the challenge of the Rot, but it is not enough. Can Buddy and his new powers get to Cliff in time to protect him from the menace of the Rot, and just who exactly is the Rot's Avatar? Hint...If you've been reading Swamp Thing you already know.
Upon opening this issue to the first page, it was clear that Steve Pugh was not illustrating this issue. Instead, Lemire's old collaborator, Alberto Ponticelli of Frankenstein Agent of SHADE, stops by to fill in for Pugh. This is an odd decision as this marks the conclusion to the current storyline, but Ponticelli is a good fit for drawing the grotesque world of the Red and the Rot. It also doesn't hurt to have Lovern Kinderzinski's wonderful colors on the title. The story itself wraps up the Hunter Three threat--I think--to lead into a search for the Avatar of the Rot. As much as I am loving this title, and its sister book, there are inconsistencies in the last few pages that left this reader with some confusion. For instance, Buddy tells Ellen that he has to "be the hero...just this one last time" then heads off to rescue Cliff. He then squashes the Hunter, literally, which has never worked at killed the creatures in the past. He learns that there is a champion of the Rot coming for his daughter, which causes Buddy to state to his wife that "It's over. Really over this time." Now he's either lying to his wife to keep her chill, or he totally forgot that the worst is yet to come, neither is a very slick move on the character's part. The story ends with Cliff uttering the name of the Rotten One. The book has also felt a shade long on this story arc, possibly in an effort to maintain timing for the big Swamp Thing C-word (crossover, folks...but a crossover I can't wait to see), but that does not mean the past six issues have not been a blast to read. Animal Man and Swamp Thing continue to be my favorite titles of the New 52 and hopefully next month will see them being released in the same week as they have been for much of the last year. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sweet Tooth #35
Sweet Tooth #35 - Everythinged by Jeff Lemire, published by Vertigo Comics, a DC comics imprint. *Sigh* The end of one of the best series on the stand looms before us with only five issues of Lemire's amazing Sweet Tooth remaining, but at least it's been a good ride, right? Wrong. It's been a great ride, but at least there will be a proper ending and with this issue the answers are starting to flow in.
Singh has arrived at Anchor Bay, Alaska in his search for the truth behind the hybrids and the plague. What he discovers is that Gus's "father," Richard Fox, and his "bible" may not be the most the most reliable sources of information as to what happened. But, that does not mean that Singh cannot put together what occurred, especially when he pries "The Journal of Dr. James Thacker 1911" from the grasp of a corpse fallen at the Fort Smith base. His investigations lead him to increasingly more bizarre discoveries until he climbs down a ladder and into the very tomb that Thacker discovered a century ago, only strange and advanced equipment has been installed in the cave. His investigations lead him to some amazing discoveries...including that he is not alone.
Again, I must stress the *sigh* portion of the beginning of this post. It's always sad to hear that a series you love is going to end, but we need to look at the positive side of things. Lemire is not having the rug pulled out from under him and leaving this fantastic comic in an uncompleted limbo. He has nearly a year to wrap up his series in a manner that is acceptable to him, the publisher and with no doubts one little ol' Donist. That said, the rapidly approaching conclusion should not be looked upon with a sense of sadness, but more with joy. A joy that a great work will not outstay its welcome and a timely, fitting ending will leave another "must-read" series for people to enjoy, much as they have enjoyed completed series such as The Preacher (my all-time favorite comic), The Watchmen, and The Sandman. Aside from all of that, this issue continues this fantastic series and is...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The Goon TPB Vol. 10
The Goon Vol. 10 "The Deformed of Body and the Devious of Mind" TPB - Written by Eric Powell and Evan Dorkin, and illustrated by Eric Powell, published by Dark Horse Comics. Huh...fancy that, Fancy Pants. I just did a quick tag search to see when I talked about my first Goon TPB and saw that it was back in September 2, 2010. After reading that perverse, monster-ladened, noir tale of everything a Donist could ever love, I spent the next month or two scooping up each of the trades and bought each subsequent volume the day it was released. Can you guess what came out last week? Let's see, we have a "very special episode" of The Goon where he has a chat with some pretty boy, sparkly vampires. Then there's some circus folk, an organ grinder and his monkey pal locked in a trunk, sausage stealing hobo scum and there's one other thing...what was it? Oh yes, lovely Burlesque performer Roxi Dlite stars in a chapter as well, plus there's a whole lot more.
If you've liked past volumes of Powell's The Goon, and I was a bettin' man, then I would wager you already got a copy of this here funny book in you mitts already. If not...well, you're a no good lousy palooka, who I reckon ain't got the brains god gave a squirrel. If you have not read this book you are missing out on a fun story with some of the most unique characters and some of the most beautiful comic art out there. When superheroes start to become ho-hum and you're feelin' the need to diversify, then The Goon is the cure for what ails ya. I'm off to pull out my trade collection for a much needed reread. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Other Heavenly Tidbits:
Amy and I are Celebrating our 8-Year Wedding Anniversary - I know you're probably asking, "What the hell is wrong with that woman?" and I would answer that I've often asked myself the same question. You see, Donist doesn't have the body of a sparkly vampire, or the charm of an honest politician, or the spontaneity of a 1%er attending a foam party in Cabo. All I know is that I must have done something right, because it sure ain't the big bucks that coerced her into my life. All I know is that having her in my life makes it all worth while.

Drinks and Food for Our Pre-Anniversary Night - We actually celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday since we both had the Fourth of July off. I just need to mention some of the mind-blowing culinary delights we had.
1) Milk and Honey - We stopped by here for drinks and appetizers, but the winning number aside from the fire-roasted peppers and kale chips was the Spicy Cucumber Margarita (Hornitos tequila infused with habañero chills, fresh muddled cucumber, lime, homemade sweet and sour). Talk about opening up your
2) Cielito - Okay, I ate one of the best things I have ever eaten in my entire life. Don't get me wrong, EVERYTHING was fantastic here, but the Tiradito de Atun (Hawaiiasn Albacore seared rare, watermelon radish, Asian pear, pickled green papaya, cilantro habañero-passion fruit sauce) reigned supreme. I've never had anything like it. Also tremendous was the "Gone-a-Rye" cocktail (bulleit rye, arbor chili + honey syrup, lemon juice, peychaud's bitters and a blackberry spear garnish) that also opened up mind and the taste buds. It's nice to know we have Cielito in our town for all of our important events (anniversaries, birthdays, gardening, breathing, thinking, any day actually).

Slice Into the Woods

I Read One of My Earliest FSoH/SitW Posts - I'll keep this brief, but I read one of my first FSoH/SitW posts and was stunned by how much the format has changed over the past (almost) two years. It's actually kind of neat, but then I came to the SitW portion and read about something I was complaining about back then that I have done precious little to change in my life. That's not good, and something I need to remedy ASAP. Man, I wonder what else I've talked about in the past, maybe it's time to have a look.

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