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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 5/27/2011

When the moon is in the Donist World House
and Tulip aligns with Obie (my harshest critic)
Comics will rule the planet
And love will steer you here you see

This is the Donning of the age of the Donist World
The age of the Donist World
Donist World!
Donist World!

Hey man...and lady if that's how you flow, welcome.  We've had like a really groovy week here at Donist World, man.  You grock what I'm saying, right brothers and sisters?  There's all these comic books with their art and stories and, you know, colors and, it's all such a trip to read these funny books with really deep...I mean REALLY deep messages that will blow your mind, man.  Have a seat by that lovely, vital and spiritual tree my brother.  Here's some tea, I added a little something if you get my meaning.  Relax and trip on these visuals and most important of all don't let THE MAN keep you down, man.  Get ready to groove on...

Friday Slice of Heaven


DV8: Gods and Monsters
Gods and Monsters
DV8: Gods and Monsters TPB - Written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, published by DC Comics, originally published under DC Comics imprint Wildstorm.  Last night I decided to read the first eight issues collected in this book that had received positive praise during its original run.  I read the first five issues, ate dinner and read the rest.  I was blown away.  I had never read any of the original DV8 run before Brian Wood resurrected the title, and doing so is not required to enjoy this look into the darker aspects of not just the superhuman soul, but personal responsibility.  
The book begins with Gem Antonelli, "Copycat," in a holding cell and explaining to her mysterious captors what happened while she and the rest of DV8 were stranded on a planet.  "Stranded" is not the appropriate word as the group were dropped from the sky onto a primitive world with no recollection as to how they were captured or why they were abandoned there.  The inhabitants consist of a half dozen warring tribes all armed with clubs, spears and shields and now eight beings of immense power have dropped from the sky.  Are they gods or are they monsters?  That is not for the people to decide, it is a decision for DV8.  Already a group at odds with themselves, they split off to aid or rule a tribe of their own until they are inevitably brought into conflict with one another, until a devastating problem arises. 
DV8 pulled me in immediately and I could not put the book down.  Intriguing and fully fleshed out characters--although I am still unsure of what Gem's powers actually were--lead an intense and thoughtful story that weighed on my mind when I went to sleep and again when I woke the next day.  Rebekah Isaacs artwork flows beautifully and furthers the story with amazing sequentials that are elevated by Carrie Strachan's coloring talents. 
When those with the power lead, how they conduct themselves is determined by what lurks inside, and oftentimes their interests run counter to the necessities of those who follow...kind of relevant in today's world.  DV8: Gods and Monsters is now one of my new all-time favorite trades.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  You need to read this.

Xombi #3
Xombi # 3 - Written by John Rozum and illustrated by Frazer Irving, published by DC Comics.  This issue provides a little insight into the methodologies of Roland Finch, who looks to be the antagonist of the series and his plans to put the Maranatha into play against his enemies.  Who Finch is otherwise or if he appeared in the original issues of Xombi back in the '90s I'm not sure (c'mon Comixology and DC...the fans want these).  With the release of the Maranatha, David Kim (Xombi) the undying man must face off against the creature that exists only to destroy and what follows is some brutal treatment for our hero as he desperately attempts to provide enough time for his friends to escape the rampaging creature's wrath.  When the powerful Catholic Girl, Nuns with Saint bullets, a mustached guy who can apparently cause things to combust and a couple of golems join the fray, the situation becomes dire.  Also, what does Roland Finch want with the mysterious chart that he stole?
Xombi continues to be one of my most anticipated releases each month despite the fact that I am still a little in the dark as to what is going on.  I'm assuming some of the characters are holdovers from the old series, but I'm more than happy to piece things together along the way.  Again, Rozum's writing is top-notch and Frazer Irving's art and colors are something to marvel at.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Ruse #3
Ruse #3 - Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Minck Oosterveer, published by Crossgen, a Marvel Comics imprint.  Yet another book that I have not read the original run, but this followup series, complete with the original writer, Mark Waid, has me wanting to dig up the original series...if I can find them.  Again, Comixology I'm looking at you, help us out here.  
Ruse is the story of master detective Simon Archard, "the smartest man in the world," and his assistant partner the beautiful Emma Bishop.  When Simon's closest friends and peers turn up murdered, but without any clues as to the identity of their killer, Simon and Emma frantically attempt to track down the culprit before he can strike again; unfortunately the killer is exceptional at what he does.
The relationship between Emma and Simon is amusing in that Simon is a difficult man to work with and is willing to jeopardize not only his life to find an answer, but also risk Emma's life in the process.  He is usally correct in the risks that he takes, but he does leave me wondering if he has a mental disorder or two.  For instance this issue opens with Emma in the middle of an all-woman, bare-knuckled fighting ring that Simon had signed her up to compete in--without Emma's knowledge--all so he could get ahold of some ledgers pertinent to a case. The fact that Emma is able to successfully work with a man who has chased off all of her predecessors is proof of her strong character and she oftentimes shows to be every bit as intelligent, if not moreso, than Simon.  Death traps, mysteries, conspiracies, and life-threatening predicaments make this a fun and addictive read.
This is not my typical type of comic, but I am happy to say that I a hooked.  RECOMMENDED!

Obie and Tulip
Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear Tulip and Obie (my second reader and harshest critic after my mom).  Happy birthday to you.  The puppies turned two this week and although we didn't have a party for them, we celebrate them all the time.  Love the doggies!

Slice Into the Woods

Slight Lack of Productivity This Week - After spending the past two weeks in pain from the back/shoulder/chest problem, I guess this week was about catching up on missed sleep.  While  I should have been writing the kid's book or working on the second issue of the comic script, Monday was spent sleeping through the alarm and Tuesday and Wednesday were slow going to say the least.  Oh well, you have to sleep sometimes. 

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