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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 3/11/2011

A site
Where nobody dared to go
The random stuff that doesn't usually blow
They call it Donist World

And now
Pull your head out of your butt and see 
What I have written is real
We are in Donist World

A million comics are dancing 
And there you are
A shooting star
An everlasting world
And you're here with me 

Donist World, Donist World
(now we are here)
In Donist World
Donist World, Donist World

(now we are here)
In Donist World

A warm thank you to Ms. Olivia Newton-John for singing this oddly familiar song and to the Solid Gold Dancers for really bringing the visuals home...roller skates?  Where does one buy roller skates these days?  Magical, simply magical.  

Friday Slice of Heaven

The Stuff of Legend: The Jungle, Part 4 - Written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith and illustrated by Charles Wilson III, published by Th3rdworld Studios.  Criminy! The Stuff of Legend series began with a bang, but The Jungle has carried that bang into an explosion.  This issue sees the conclusion of The Jungle storyline where the toys, lost in the jungle area of The Boogeyman's Dark, find a group of animal toys led by their king, a giant cobra appropriately named King.  King has replaced the original leader, a lion that perished in a war with the Boogeyman, and the giant venomous snake has a deep-seeded enmity of the more "human" toys and has sent them into the jungle to be hunted like animals.  The non-bipedally inclined faction of the toys are embraced by the animals, but they are forbidden by the King from continuing their journey to rescue their boy, prompting Max the bear to challenge the gigantic ruler for the right to the title of king.  Closely-held secrets are revealed, a possible new character is introduced, a would-be betrayal is discovered, a newer character's life ends horribly and a hard-won victory is bittersweet.  The Stuff of Legend continues to not only be well-written and gorgeously illustrated, it is one of the best series on the stand that consistently gets better.  A trade for The Jungle will be released in May and a trade of the first volume, The Dark, is available now.  This is a must-read comic deserving of increased exposure.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and a MUST OWN series.

The Stuff of Legend Volume II, The Jungle #4

The Comics Experience Monthly Book Club With Jason Aaron - This past Tuesday, the Comics Experience Book Club was joined by Jason Aaron to discuss the first trade his amazing Scalped series (which everyone best be reading, by golly).  Typically, on the night of the monthly book club, we discuss the life and works of the creators, discuss themes and characters and other topics many of which are presented by volunteers for the benefit of the discussion.  About once a quarter, we are joined by the creator of the work to hear their tale of the creation of their story, their experiences in the comic industry and towards the end of the evening a Q&A session is opened, which I have found invaluable.  Mr. Aaron was exceptionally honest and open and inspiring to the point of being encouraging.  If I had not found the Comics Experience, I would not have "met" Jason Aaron, Nathan Edmondson, Jim McCann, Rob Guillory, John Layman or any of the immensely talented people who attend the meetings and participate in the forums.  I also would not have had a script critiqued by Jason Aaron that prompted me to enter the piece in the Eagles Initiative, or had another script critiqued by Jim McCann (coming soon).  Delving into the great pool of sappiness that I often cannonball into, joining the group has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Check it out.

Scalped Vol. 1: Indian Country
Scalped Vol. 1: Indian Country

The Comics Experience Introduction to Comic Book Coloring with Chris Sotomayor - Alright.  Look.  I swear to a god of an undisclosed nature that I am not paid to say these things about the Comics Experience, but again the opportunities, advice, critiquing of my work and seeing the work of my peers have been priceless.  Thus far I have attended the first class for the Introduction to Comic Book Coloring taught by Chris Sotomayor, colorist of The Avengers, X-Men, Supreme Power, Batman and Firestorm, and I am loving the class iself and even the gobs of homework that were assigned.  Thus far I have flatted a splash page for a western and will flat a sequential Batman page on Sunday.  I can't wait for Monday night's class.

Slice Into the Woods 

No Really Great Comics This Week With One Incredible Exception - There were some good titles (Superboy), but nothing that blew me away with the exception of The Stuff Of Legend: The Jungle #4.

The Globe Weaver Spider In the Back of My Car - What does this have to do with the arts?  Well...a whole lot of nuthin', but I was adequately freaked out to see a spider with an abdomen the size of a nickel sitting in a web in the back seat of my car.  Who knows how long I have been chauffeuring him around town as he gazed at the pulsing veins in my neck.  Brrrrrrrr...creepy.

The Pathetic Corporate Pawns Seeking to Destroy the Future Creative Minds of America - I hope that the people in the hometowns of Walker and the Koch douches begin to refuse service in any and all capacity to these evil, America haters and show them that their war on the majority of Americans is starting to piss them off.  What does this have to do with creativity?  Everything.  If we lose our most seasoned and knowledgeable teachers because of these traitors, where will the creativity go?  Already teachers and administrators are fighting to keep arts and music offered in their schools, and with our once fine establishments morphing into mandatory testing ghettos, where will our next critically thinking and wondrous authors, artists and leaders (of any socioeconomic background) come from?


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