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Friday Slice of Heaven, Slice Into the Woods 1/07/2011

Hot diggity dog.  It's the new year and things are looking pretty promising on the writing front for the new year with the completed (they're never really complete) novel moving into the next phase, multiple short comic scripts to write and old ones to be illustrated.  There are a few comic minis/series to hammer out and a new children's book to write before beginning the follow up to my first novel.  I really need more time to do it all.  As they say, "Where does the time go."

Since everyone else on the planet is writing out top ten lists for the past year, I figure I will do the same for my favorite comics, graphic novels, music albums and such, but my list might be different.  I might not write solely about things released in 2010, but things that I actually learned about in 2010.  You know, like the existence and joy of sexting, nudie mags and shrimp...we'll see.  But, that's not today.  Today is about....

Friday Slice of Heaven

Planetary Vol. 4: Spacetime Archaeology - Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by John Cassaday, published by Wildstorm (R.I.P.), a DC Comics imprint.  Okay, what the hell is wrong with me?  Seriously.  What is wrong with me.  I bought this TPB the day it was released--a month ago--and I did not put this on Friday Slice of Heaven?  I must have been ill.  After the first volume of the extraordinary Planetary series, I bought the floppies and then bought the TPBs of the floppies.  I have been waiting for this fourth volume for quite a while.  Come to think of it, I waited for the final issue, #27, of this series long time, but I honestly thought issue #26 was the final issue and was shocked to the core to find out that there was one final installment remaining in the series that I hold near and dear to my heart.
I'm tempted to write about each and every issue in this phenomenal TPB, and gush for blog page after blog page, but I'm not going to do that.  Discussing any of the details or plots in this book is tantamount to spoiling the coolest reveals, so mums the word.  I will say that with the end I was elated, touched and almost brought to tears...fuck, it's still hitting me pretty hard just thinking about it.  A wonderful installment of one of the best written and most beautifully illustrated comics in existence.  Buy them all!

Planetary Vol. 4: Spacetime Archaeology
Planetary Vol. 4: Spacetime Archaeology

Secret Warriors - Volume3: Wake the Beast - Written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Stefano Caselli, published by Marvel Comics.  Before I talk about this volume I should give a little back story on the first two volumes.  The book centers on superspy Nick Fury's band of unknown super-powered young heroes, who Fury has gathered to combat the various forces of evil, primarily Hydra.  They are what Fury refers to as his "caterpillars" and they will be the ones to further his agenda.  Over the past two volumes crucial forces have...have...okay, I don't really remember what happened prior to Wake the Beast, but I know that I loved each book and the levels of interweaving storylines are intricate and engaging and begging for multiple readings, which I need to do.
The latest trade of Secret Warriors predominantly takes a behind the scenes look at the interworking of Hydra and the main players involved, including peeks into their pasts.  Fury and the Secret Warriors do show up, to a lesser extent, but when they do appear it is to lead the story into the next chapter and towards the looming issue #27 conclusion.  Wake the Beast collects Secret Warriors #11 - 16 and focuses less on super heroics than it does secret agendas, manipulation, rejection, betrayal and commonality.  A complex yet fascinating read.

Secret Warriors - Volume 3: Wake the Beast
Secret Warriors - Volume 3: Wake the Beast

Who Is Jake Ellis - Written by Nathan Edmondson and illustrated by Tonci Zonjic, published by Image Comics.  I learned of this comic first from Nathan Edmondson himself when he spoke to the Comics Experience Comic Creators Workshop a couple of months back and also from every comic site since then.  The word was everywhere, so I had to pick it up.  I am thrilled that I did.
Who is Jake Ellis is the story of the Jon Moore, an in-high-demand spy who has just barely survived a Barcelona job gone bad.  Jon would have surely died that night on the yacht if not for the aid of Jake Ellis, his all-seeing watcher/handler.  Jon is on the run from an unknown enemy who very much wants him dead and Jon must increasingly rely on Jake, who only he can see and hear.  Who is Jake Ellis?  Beats the hell out of me at this point, but I was severely disappointed to reach the end of the book and know that I have a month to wait for the next issue.  Blinding page turns at every step and an expertly crafted story that has drawn me in completely.  The next issue cannot come soon enough.  Highly Recommended for everyone.

Who Is Jake Ellis #1

Thanos Imperative: Devastation - Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with illustrations by Miguel Sepulveda.  Thanos Imperative: Devastation is an epilogue to the compelling space opera Thanos Imperative and although I expected this issue to be somewhat of a throwaway/money grab, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a decent story and a nice lead into this spring's Annihilators also by Abnett and Lanning.  In this issue, Blastarr makes an all too predictable move, Cosmo remains one bad-ass puppy, a new Guardians form, and a completely unexpected and nostalgic guest appears upon the reveal of a new galaxy spanning threat.
In a time that I am becoming increasingly frustrated with mainstream super hero comics, this book along with the upcoming Annihilators, Heroes for Hire and Superboy are ones that I intend to read for a while to come.  Recommended.  *Side comment - There is no way that Adam Warlock/Magus is dead, hopefully I am right.

Thanos Imperative Devastation

Slice Into the Woods

Not much really pissed me off or annoyed me short of the usual things that leave me shaking my head in annoyance during eight hours a day on the math.  Although there is one thing that I found comical and disturbing at the same time.

GOP Decides to Read the Constitution to Naughty Democrats - Seriously?  C'mon now.  Yeah, uh-huh.  Keep stomping us little people chumps, at least the Koch brothers should be happy--sorry I meant to say tea partiers.

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